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Integrated amplifiers & Accessoirs
Custom made for discerning audiophiles who made their experiences with inferior and slow amplifiers. Finally owning something real for a long term period of time.
Option chrome for all. . Front plate 10 mm massive, all buttons are heavy duty and all letters are engraved. RG 14 black finish, buttons looking silver. Option: RG 9 / RG 10 / RG 14 black or front plate silver.
Exclusive use of the finest available parts of the Symphonic Line program. 50 MHz output transistors, 10 qmm cable to the gold plated WBT binding posts, silver solder throughout. Outstanding phono stage, MM and MC. 400 VA MU-metall shielded transformer. You are receiving a sound quality which is reached only by very few pre- and power amplifier combinations for several time the costs.

Sound quality:
Unbelievable realism of the reproduction of spatial information and soundstaging. You don`t have to look for the deep bass or for the depth. Everything is touchable and defined. Digital is not annoying anymore. No distortion reachyour ears - the music sounds natural and smooth.
RG 9 + RG 10 + RG 14 Edition: relaxing enjoyment for you and your children for the next 20 years.
Stereo 2/2009.. power and smoothness, rhythm and emotion combinet geniusly.
Magazine Hörerlebnis Forum 2016 RG 14 Edition ... enormously power ... outstanding stability ... authentic Since 18 years RG 14 Edition is the workstation at magazine Stereo. AmplifThis ier is also used by the magazines ARS, HiFi Stars, Hörerlebnis,

Hifi Test: An absolute winner and best buy..
Important sound accessories
The Cables: Clean and forceful. Natural tonality. Correct absolute phasing is a must. Expecially the reference HD inter-connect is a three dimensional sound dream. We don't have to say anything more about Power Line Conditioners - Converter. You have to blame yourself if you listen without one.
Super electric power cable. 2m incl. plugs. Much better soundstage.