All face plates in this product family are champagne colored with velvet feel surface. 10 mm. Other surface black. Some specs - although technique is just one approach to this state of quality.

Integrated Amplifier

transformer 430 VA mumetal shielded. Dimensions: 450 x 100 x 380 mm,
equiped with fine MC phono stage, headphone connector and volume remote,
4 line in, cd - tuner - aux - tape in - out,
massive buttons, highgrate WBT pole sockets and input terminals,
output power more than 100 W at 8 Ohm.

CD Player

Dimensions and design similar to our „the” CD-Player.
sofisticated internal power supply and ultra precise clock modul for refined timing.
What is la Musica?
Handcrafted and modificated piece for piece. Very exclusive.
Not for technique freaks - only for people who like enjoying music in harmony and highest level. Experience fine vibrationsfrom my personal feng shui. Bliss.
Your heart will open.

La Musica
Integrated Amp, CD Player