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Manufacturer of fine high - fidelity products-handcrafted in Germany

High End

vibrant timbres rich, full harmonics three dimensionality
The music breathes, is alive and appearent in width, height, depth.
A fusion of space and time. The sensual comprehension of harmonic body. Dynamics that exite. To feel the music, have it gently received by heart and soul.

Detail and resolution - important parts of a person`s intellectual traits.
Sometimes, in one of those rare and exciting moments, enjoying music can result in a form of vibrating waves, a form of ecstatic resonance, that heightens our state of mind and seems to liberate us from everyday life; makes us feel larger and more conscious.

This multitude of universe emotions is yours to expe-rience while listening to Symphonic Line - By Design - You too can enter the magic world of true High End and embark on an emotional journey with our products starting at RG 14 Edition.