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All products can be combinated and harmonize in sound and design.
Very exclusive - handcrafted piece by piece. Symphonic Line devices are optional supplyments to your audio system. Especially in combination with other loudspeakers our amps are first choice. Older versions can be updatet and upgraded to a level, you demand. For example, since early 2005 all of our products are treated with special violin lacquer C37 at specific and important areas. As a result we discovered that the natural sound quality is much improved after 5 weeks of drying time of the C37 lacquer.

Pushing the envelope of high end audio developments and pure tweaking is our second nature. 30 years of experience.

My philosophy is very simple: listen to good music with Symphonic Line products and literally feel the energy within your body and the overall harmony that is body, soul, and music. The driving factor for me is to develop and offer world class high end music products for you that are truly state of the art without compromises in the natural and emotional reproduction of the music itself. It drives me to succeed in repro-ducing a musical live experience on all levels in my living room. This has to be the true goal of designing and developing audio products. This is why there is no specific Symphonic Line sound, it doesn’t exist.

The body of the music must be palpable and three dimensional. The overtones and undertones have to be airy. Close your eyes, and look deep into the sound stage of the recording. Dynamics are for granted. Simply put, be part of the musical experience and forget about technology.
Have a good life.
Rolf Gemein