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The power and the glory 2017

KRAFT 250 pure Class A

2 x 250 W sinus into 8 Ohm. Pure class A Double mono, with two separately shielded power Transformers with a total of 1300 VA 250.000 μF. Aluminium chassis. Front panel: 10 mm. Black finish. New: Front.
top plate and backside silver. Dimensions: 600 x 250 x 315 mm. Weight: ca. 45 kg


KRAFT 300 pure Class A

Specifications like as Kraft 250. Kraft 300 internal new designed - high regide construction. New super
electrolyte power capacitors, 300.000 μF. Result: to create organic sound sphere in time and energy
dimensions. Example: you have sound as like the best place in the opera.

Both: stereo or monoblock. The power and the glory. The heart of your world class equipment ! Option: full symmetric XLR Input.


Best sounding big power amplifier

All Symphonic Line products can be matched. They harmonize musically and aestetically. Often Symphonic
Line products are used to complement other brand components in music reproduction systems. For example, the pre- and power amplifiers are often used to bring out the real merits of loudspeakers.

The company's philosophy includes upgrades of older models at a very fair price Ievel. Upgrading instead of
exchanging components. Not only our senses also nature deserves to be protected. Rediscover music to find your way out of everyday pressure. We are highly committed to upgrading and refining our product line.

However, we never design for a fashion - be it technical or sonic. The result is the production of world class
components on different Ievels of affordability. Our goal of development and research: There is no"Symphonic Line Sound". My only motivation: the reproduction of all the elements of a live concert in my living-room in such a way that the music is correct and captures my senses . I must feel the body of the music; the notes must breathe. Close your eyes. and Iook into an imaginative opera hall or studio.

Let yourself be carried away by the music, and do not care about HiFi-equipment any longerl

New: optional for the most products- cover gold plated.

for all: You can order 100 - 120 or 240 Volt. Tell it to me.

Attributes All soldering using silver tin. Printboards of all products 2 mm massiv.

for all: All power capacitors special made for Symphonic Line.
EMV-instruction: My products have been tested successfully and were awarded with the CE-mark.
Technical details to be changed without notice.

All our products are single handcrafted with Iove in Germany.

Rolf Gemein