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Power Amplifier Class A-B RG 1 MK 4

Power rating:

2 x 130 Watt Sinus at 8 Ohm, 2 x 250 Watt Sinus at 4 Ohm, 2 x 330 Watt Sinus at 2 Ohm


60 Ampere per channel. Damping factor over 800. Excellent control over any loudspeaker.

Input impedance:

1 Volt at 10 K-Ohm


450 mm x 150 mm x 210 mm (W x H x D)


ca. 28,0 kg


Chrome or aluminium black/silver

Without any problems:

On complex demands, electrostatic loudspeakers and loudspeakers which demand low impedances. Stable down to 1 Ohm.


Fast circuitry with 60 MHz output transistors, logical layout with
very short signal paths, consequent dual mono design with two fully shielded transformers. Only highest quality components used. Sophisticated loudspeaker protection circuitry. Very solid chassis with WBT binding posts and inputs. Output cable Symphonic Line 10 qmm.


Not audible

Frequency range:

2 Hz - 300 KHz. Slew rate/ speed 80 V µsec


Very good inner detailing and finer dynamics.


The overall sound begins to „breathe“. The stage opens up. You experience the true meaning of „dynamics“, and usually bloated bass is defined and precise.

Best combination:

Any system that was matched with love for music by listener. System with good cables and honest products. Pre amp RG 2 MK 4, RG 3 MK 4 or the tubes.


The experienced listener. Someone who knows that there is more and more to listen to from all sources - regardless of records or CD´s.


Classic, the heart of each pretendious system configuration. RG 7 MK 4 Reference Mono RG 4 MK 4

Faster and more powerful, tools and reference of well known producers. Perfect distribution of energy, opening room and time.