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Pre Amplifier RG 3 MK 4

Absolute amazing
Modular Concept “Class A”
Photo: Basic Version
line sources.
One for the whole life, because it can grow.
Peak level reachable with super turbo power supply, phono MM or phono MC, XLR and volume remote.

Power Amplifier RG 11 or Mono

Loudspeaker Problems?
A better Amplifier
is a ”must”. Characteristics:
very spatial - beautiful open midrange - lots
of details - tight and
full bass - affordable
A lot of music for this price. Stereo-or Mono Amplifier You want more? Look to RG 1, RG 4, RG 7 ...

The Enlightenment

Tube Preamplifier Reference MK 2
Sound: wide open - gives pleasure to the heart, brightness for the ear.

The borderline of tube dimension, with special secrets and parts, power supply individual selected.
Not only to listen - you can look into the soundstage! With big power supply , 2 x 300 VA Mumetal transformer and tube rectifier  stage in big box like tube with 10 mm front plate. Wonderfull heartfull music.