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Preamplifier RG3 MK4
Mono Power Amplifier RG4 MK4

The combination for highestdemands!
No hifi sound anymore where you can hear the electronics. It is simply

„There”. Music instead of amplifiers.
Presence, effortless and realistic.

(Amplifier RG 1 + RG 7 Stereo, same chassis as RG 4, chrome or aluminium)

Belcanto MK2

37 years of acoustic
research inside.

New step in evolution

Test 03/2016 Hifi-Stars
... dynamic like dynamite... three dimensional soundstage... wonderful natural tone color
Totally new construction, single handcrafted,
two ways, wooden cabinet. Surface as you iike.
Same fine acoustic as RG 5, but with much more power for big orchestral sound or as you like. Extraordinary soundstage and amazing fine and big dynamics.
Ability to adjust the High Tweeter for every kind of room, with a new dimension of air motion transformer.

Magazine LP 01/2015:
Fascinating Sound Stage ... endless dynamic performance ...
life audition at home ...