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NEW 2017 Tube Preamplifier

A. Finishing f. e. metal shielded Alps pots, separated power supply with
quality: 300 VA mumetal transformer, 7 pole Hirschmann
professional contact plugs, 56.000 mF capacity, best MKP
capacitors, gold plated WBT binding posts, teflon cable,
ceramic valve sockets, hand soldered with silver solder.
Only high frequency valves with special durability are used

B. Inner values: Extreme clean power supply and power line conditioners,
short signal paths at extreme fast circuits; no overall feed
back. Frequency range from 5 Hz - 120.000 Hz. Line section
with four double triode valves. Further innovations: - each
line - input with its separate impedance matching stage.
Very rigid construction.

C. Appointments: Phono MM, CD, Tuner, AUX, 2 x Tape with monitoring, 2 x Pre
Out at 100 Ohm, balance poti. Optional Phono MC stage
with mumetal transformer. Volume remote control. Front
10 mm massive steel, engraved, massive buttons.
Finish „chrome“ or aluminium silver or black.

D. Sound quality: Black, deep bass - precise and dry - neither precarious nor
bloating - the total sound has no curtain, similarily down
from the bass to the very top. Beautiful reproduction of
the colours of sound. The surprise: the music is not standing
in your listening room but unites with it. Hard to declare-
a symbiose like this is rarely to be heard. To make a long
story short - when it is in tune - you will be addicted to it.


Reference Opens a door into new sound dimensions. Turbo power
MK 2 HD supply located in a seperated casing of the same size like
valve amp. faceplate 10 mm, valve rectifier stage plus 2
MU-metal shielded transformators a 350 VA. Special capa-
citors in massive aluminium housing. Phono MM realized by using a sophisticated valve stage. MC equipped with additional high performance studio quality transformers. One balanced input as well as a set of symmetrical out puts. Massive metal remote control for volume. Lively and spirited performance. Outstanding precision serving an inspired reproduction.