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Power-Amplifier RG14 Edition

Productline 2017

RG 1 MK4 Stereo poweramplifier

class AlB, 2 x 130 W sinus at 8 Ohm. Dual mono, damping factor 800, frequency range
2 - 400.000 Hz. Massive steel chassis, finish chrome or aluminium silveror black, WBT binding posts and inputs.
Dimensions: 450 x 150 x 200 mm. Our traditional product. Often attempted to copy, but never achieved by
competitors. Likes criticalloudspeaker impedances.

RG 2 MK4 Preamplifier

Phono MM/MC selectable, capacity- and impedance matehing via plugs. Inputs: CD, Tuner,
AUX, Tape. Outputs: Tape monitor and amplifier. Sophisticated circuitry: completely shielded power
supply, filter and mu metal shielded 300 VA transformer. Massive option: chrome or black/silver chassis;
engraved. Full metal knobs, frontplate 10 mm, massive. Remote included.

RG 2 MK 4 Reference Edition HD

with turbo power supply inside 280.000 μF, dynamic expander, special selection and more
Test Audio 2012 ... the power supply is a shock ... amazing sound ...

RG 3 MK 4 Preamplifier

Pure class A circuitry, 50.000 μF capacitance. External power supply, 3 W sinus at 8 Ohm output make it possible to run up to 300 feet of interconnect cable. lmpedance below I Ohm, two pairs of outputs parallel. Frontplate I 0 mm, engraved.
Finish chrome od black/silver. Completely modular circuitry with optional boards. Basic version: 2 x Aux, CD, Tuner, 2 x Tape.

Record out switch, balance poti, 2 pairs of outputs. Dimensions: 450 x 80 x 260 mm. Little separate power supply, remote control. Option Monomodules phono MM or MC with impedance and capacitance matching, optional Turbo power supply with 300 VA transformer, 140.000 μF and mains filter, in small black box. Optional in separated case 450 x 100 x 300 mm with 10 mm front panel. Satisfies the highest demands on tonality, neutrality . An open and extended soundstage.
ln the small line of worlds absolute best preamplifiers.

NEW: Turbo Power supply reference edition with 280.000 μF, Gyratoren, 2 x 300 VA mumetal transformator. A dream of soundstage.

RG 4 MK 4 Mono amplifier

class A/B 2 x 150 W sinus at 8 Ohm, 2 x 300 W sinus at 4 Ohm. Extremely stable below
I ,5 Ohm Ioad. Completely shielded transformer, 750 VA per channel. 200.000 μF. Extreme frequency
range: 1,5 - 300.000 Hz. Delay and loudspeaker protection circuit. WBT's throughout. Finish
chrome, engraved or aluminium silver/ black chassis. Dimensions: 450 x 150 x 200 mm.
Truely - a world-class amplifier. lts sound has depth and clarity. lnternationally demanded amplifier for
demonstration and design purposes. STEREOPLAY: "Fastest impuls in amplifier design today."

RG 5 MK 4 Floor standing two-way-loudspeaker. 8-inch Görlich aluminium bass driver, the fastest dynamic driver in the world. Modular crossover, WBT binding posts. Sensitivity: 91 dB, impedance 8 Ohms, weight: 85 lbs,
height: I 00 cm. MDF enclosure with beautiful mother of pearl or coloured laquer finishes: handmade
according to special order. Very exclusice design in performance, finish and technical quality. Renders a convincing impression of the first wave front. See picture at last side.

RG 5 The same loudspeaker but 2 cm smaller,

6.5 inch Görlich aluminium bass driver. A wonder of nature sound and vibrations

Belcanto MK 2 Loudspeaker New step in evolution

Totally new construction, single handcrafted, two ways, wooden cabinet, color as you like.
Same fine acoustic but with much more power for big orchestral sound or as you like .
Ability to adjust the High Tweeter for every kind of room, with a new dimension of air motion transformer. The soundstage is three-dimensional, you can touch the musician with your hands.
Dimensions L, W, H. : 120 cm, 30 cm, 50 cm, Weight 50 kg.

Magazine LP 01/2015 ... a short audition at studio of master Rolf Gemein shows a fascinating soundstage with truly limitless dynamic capabilities from Belcanto MK 2 loudspeaker.

RG 6 "The turntable"

Bearing made of widia/titan, bearing diameter: 16 mm. Theseparatemodules of the RG 6-network include: motor, bearing with 68 lbs audiobasis, stroboscope, mat, power line conditioner, marble plate, table basis. Plate 24 kg. massive alluminium. Any RAL colour laquer, all buttons 24-carat gold finishes. With this ultra precision piece you'll discover the sonic beauty and colourful variety of
analogue recordings with complete relaxation. A masterpiece, built for eternity. Simply among the best and most beautiful turntable available. lncl. separate Class Apower supply with 300 VA transformer, 140.000 μF.

New 2016 Reference

New drive unit and ultra-precice new bearing and other specials, with additional passive drive unit to avoid Reference torque moment. This causes a perfect horizontal guided drive which is absolute the best. 280.000 μF.

Phonostage New HD

Dimensions: 450 x 100 x 390 mm, black finish, front plate I 0 mm massive, black!silver, option chrome
phono MM-MC, one or two Inputs, pure class A, very big power supply with 300 VA mumetal
shielded transformer, 240.000 μF. Output power correct for your AUX input. Extraordinary soundstage and dynamic. Truly the best for your cartridge. Option second phono MM-MC input with modules
Test Hifi Stars 3/2014 ... Frankyboy life in my room ... a big step for analog records ... amazing

Phonostage inside / New Version 2017


New loudspeaker cable 10 qmm and interconnect  cable, colour brown, natural sound for all challenges

Harmony HD

New loudspeaker cable, 10 qmm, shield champagne, sounds powerful and harmonic, single cable m

The "Fast"

Symphonic Line interconnect cable (NF). Shielded twice.
Very probably the fastest dielectrics on the world market, doesn't display any cable characteristics, extremly clean electric phase! That means: Be careful, when making use of this cable. The effects could be brutally revealing. You might be able to Iisten right to the bottom of your sources.

New Fast HD

Symphonic Line loudspeaker cable, same dielectrics as described above lncredibly precise- solves your bass problems, has practically no recognizable characterictics. 12 qmm
separate and single stranded.

Reference NEW HD

interconnect cable, 2 square mm, dielectrics under 1.3. The new dimension of truths, image,
body and dynamic.


loudspeaker cable, 18 qmm, the same dielectrics. Makes deep subbass - smooth hights.
lnterconnect cable available with WBT silver solder and WBT 1 02/11 0 CU connectors.
Loudspeaker cable available standard with my gold plated bananas.

Power Line Filter

12 amps., 3 inputs, completely shielded, 250 x 120 x 100 mm, massive steel chassis. Finally it's quiet in your AC-Iine. Super electric power cable. Mains Current Converter, 5 inputs (12 amps. each), each with its separate filter, excess voltage protection circuitry, 450 x 100 x 100 mm. Super electric power cable. Gives you an idea of where the music was recorded; makes you feel true dynamics. Super electric power cable, 3x 1,5 sqmm, double shielded, length 2m incl. connectors. Much better soundstage and harmonics.

New remote

Full metal, graved, black, silver, champagne, weight 1 kg.

RG 7 MK 4

Power amplifier, class A/B, 2 x 150 W sinus at 8 Ohm, 2 x 400 W sinus at 2 Ohm. Completely dual mono circuitry, 130.000 μF capacitance. Frequency range: 2- 500.000 Hz. Damping factor around 800. Slew rate 0.8 J.LS!!! WBT's.
Elegant massive steel chassis, "chrome", engraved or aluminium silver chassis. The perfect synthesis of
power and elegance, clean and smooth dynamics. Controls any loudspeaker. The test amplifier of loudspeaker and cable designers.

Dick Olsher (Stereophile 2/92): " ... sensational for solid-state designs, was the manner it presented
the very heart ofthe midrange." Test Stereoplay 2011: Highlight. Winner Reader's choice 2012. Award 2013

RG 7 MK 4 Reference

Power Amplifier, Dimensions, deeper, 470 x 320 x 160 mm - very big power supply, 320.000 uF- more class A. Absolute international top class amplifier. Option: symmetrical input. Audio 1/2013 One golden ear.

RG 7 MK4 Reference Edition

Power Amplifier, Gold plated boards, full symmetric input, special audio resistors and more... Amazing three dimensional soundstage

RG 8 "The source "

A cartridge of pure superlatives at the Iimit of engineering possibilities.

Custom hand made. Weight: 18 grams, stylus redius: 1 mykron, tracking weight: 1,5 g, crosstalk damping: more than 40 dB. Frequency range extension: more than 60.000 Hz, stylus: boron, diametre: 1 mykron. More than 2600 hours of untroubled listening, then very inexpensive stylus exchange. New induction reducing winding technique, extremly precise. Delivers a Ievel of musical experience as had only been dreamed of before!

RG 8 Gold

This is the Iimit: All windings made of pure gold.Output: 0.45 mV or 0.25 mV. You can't buy anything comparable. The ultimate purchase.
STEREOPHILE (USA, 2/93): "The best system in this galaxis. " Product of the year 1993!
STEREO (Germany, 4/95): "The analog revelation." New Version 2014

RG 9 MK 4

Integrated Amplifier "The power package ". lntegrated amplifier for the demanding audiophile. Adjustable MM and MC phono stages. High Ievel inputs: CD, Tuner, AUX, Tape. Tape monitor with separate preamplifier output. Logical design and Iayout.
Very strong power supply, loudspeaker protection circuit, WBT binding posts, frontplate: 10 mm massive steel with chrome finish or black-silver, massive buttons, 450 VA transformer with mumetal shielded 2 x 130 W sinus at 8 Ohm. 2 x 200 W sinus at 4 Ohm, stable below 2,5 Ohm. Dimensions: 450 x 100 x 380 mm. Remote Control. Test Image Hifi 11/2013 Perfect ... pure music ...

RG 9 MK 4 Reference

Integrated Amplifier with module for special high frequence attacs,

RG 9 MK 4 Reference NEW HD

Integrated Amplifier Top modell in this single frame... live performance

RG 10 MK 4

lntegrated Amplifier, similar to RG 9, but high grade selection of electronic parts, plus 60.000 μF, plus high grade internal wiring, separate power supply for preamplifier stage, 300 VA transformer with MU-metal cup. Headphone output and remote control is standard (for RG 9 and RG 10). Tops RG 9 in every aspect!

RG 10 MK 4 Reference

Integrated Amplifier. The same, but with special pre amp reference power module. Perfect loudspeaker control. A dream.

RG 10 MK 4

Integrated Amplifier. Special Audio Impulse Capacitors, complete new alignment ... Result: A dream of space and time in music


RG 14

lntegrated amplifiere, all the same as RG 9 but only Phono MM. transform er 420 VA without mumetal, induding headphone. Color complete black, or frontplate and knobs silver. 10 mm massive. 2 x 100 VV Sinus at 8 ohm.
Option: Remote, Option: complete box chrome.

RG 14 Edition

Integrated amplifier, with Phono - MM / MC, remote control, 450 VA, mumetal shielded transform er and specials. Most german magazines reference. Absolute best buy ...

RG 11

The new line of power amplifiers: slim, elegant, powerful. Box black, or frontplate silver, Option complete chrome. 2 x 130W sinus at 8 Ohm. Damping factor more than 500, frequency range 1 - 450.000 Hz, short slew rate transform er 300 VA, class A A/B, frontplate black or silver, engraved. Dimensions: 450 x 100 x 365 mm.

MONO Power amplifier, same as RG 11, with double the power supply specs. 2 x 130 W sinus at 8 Ohm. ln bridged operntion mode capability of four tim es output current. lncreased speed. dynomics and overall presence due to monoaural operation.

NEW Remote of rnassive aluminiurn block. graved, weight near i kg. for CD. Tuner. and Amplifier

New 2017 Power amplifier RG 7 MK 4 Reference and Edition

New CD 2017: for all three digital inputs: RCA / Toslink / USB/B Output Toslink + RCA


CD Player 24 Bit MK 3 2017
With new drive unit and others - sounds like a very fine turntable

The CD- Player

Front Ioader with remote control. Aranya finish or black/silver chassis. Dimensions: 450 x ·120 mm. Frontpanel: 10 mm, engraved. Chinch and digital outputs. 24 Bit technique. big Class A output stage,separate power supply with 300 VA mumetal shielded transformer, special: filter frequenc response by 50.000 Hz. Sounds like an excellent record player: resolution of detnil without nerving o.nd tiring your senses: correct timing. The body of the music, a deep bass and substance are there, no matter what kind of music you play. And it never muddies the sound. Excellent sound staging and space.

(M. Böde stereo 9/96) writes: " lf HiFi were an olympic discipline. Symphonic Line's first CD-System would win gold." ... "Hardly ever have I heard a CD-system with that extreme ability to capture
the listener's ernotions, to close the gap between the listeners and the music so perfectly."
Test Audio 7/2007: burning passion, more drive- more energy - more life than others.


The same CD Player but complete block finish and smaller power supply with transformer inside. The name answers for the sound statement and dates from the ltalian belcanto opera tradition.

Test ARS 2009 ... sound magic.


The same CD Player, extremly selected, big power supply with 100.000 μF. Black or silver finish chassis. Specials. Result: The opera house is transfered completely into your room. Absolutely the best. Special clock module. Completely into your room. Live music.


Soundstage-breathing-dynamic-magic ... in a new area. Through sound research new technic.
Power supply 280.000 μF with gyrators, new control function, microsecond precise clock module ...
Absolute the best ...


Valve "The Enlightenment" .

Aranya/chrome finish chassis. Dimensions: 450 x 120 x 365 mm. 10 mm massive and engraved
Preamplifier front panel. Separate power supply (300 VA) MU-metal-transformer. Phono MM, Tuner, AUX, 2 Tape (with tape to tape recording possibility). 2 pre-outputs. Each line-input with its separate impedance matching stage. Output 100 Ohm. Frequency range: 2 Hz - 120.000 Hz. No overall feedback. Ceramic valve sockets. Volume remote control.
Option: MC-stage with mumetal transformer, impedance matching.

Sound: Open, with space around voices and instruments. - Joy at heart! -

" Reference MK 2 HD" Valve preamplifiere

absolutely the best, equipped with many secrets and special parts.

RG 14 Edition - inside