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Integrated Amplifier: Kraftquelle


Symphonic Line - Rolf Gemein received HIFI VISION´S HIGH END AWARD
for the best sound at the HIGH END in Frankfurt/Main two years in row -
1990 and 1991...
Product of the year USA 1993...
Italian Venedig Hifi Show 1995: best Sound Symphonic Line, first price
Greece Audio 3/97 best of Hifi: First Award Symphonic Line
Hifi Stars: Lifetime Award 2013 for Rolf Gemein

Audio 01/2016 ...

Rolf Gemein ...

Idealist ... Master ... Phenomenon

For more than 37 years, all our products have been hand crafted by skilled craftsmen.
Together with the assistance of my very experienced and talented staff, I have completely
committed my professional career and my personal life to design world class
sound reproduction systems and components german built quality in every product,
aesthetics, and world class-sound, this is the secret of our internationally reknown
success. Permanent sound and energy research.
Our electronic products are not changed every other year in order to follow trends
and fads, but instead, every design is tweaked and improved upon. Products that
keep their value. Because of our philosophy to prusue the excellency in every product
we manufacture you are able to build up a complete Symphonic Line reproduction
system with mulit award winning designs. Designs tried and proven to be incredible by the
world audio community ever since I started as a co-founder of the German “High-End” in
1982. Nowadays the biggest exhibition in Europe. Also co-founder of the north german hifi
days since 2005 and he sounds best. HiFi Award 2011 and 2012. Readers choice 2012/13.
Our efforts have truly resulted in the life-like musical experience in which the electronics
as a medium finally take a back seat to the music.
Please relax and enjoy.

Rolf Gemein
member of the High End society

Integrated Amplifier: RG 10 MK4 Reference