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Rolf Gemein with the hifi-stars award 2014

Symphonic Line speaker RG5,

cd-player Vibrato,

integrated amplifier RG14 Edition,

pre amplifier RG3 MK4,

power amplifier RG7 MK4,

turntable RG6

High End 2013 (Germany) here plays music in the heart


Test RG 10 HD Master, March 2015
... World Class

The absolute CD Player Belcanto
Separate Power Supply, 280.000 μF,
300 VA Mumetal Transformer

RG 7 MK 4 Test Image Hifi ... highest level

Test Italian ReMusic        November 2012

The Symphonic Line Amp is simply phenomenal, the more ist the effiency of the speaker system, the more it feels a ease. Hard and pure at the performances, esotheric and evolving at the listening. Spark in the dark.

Integrated amplifier RG14 Edition (inside)

Test ARS 2009    Sound magic
Hifi Test 2011     Reference Class
Hifi Stars 2012       Fascination, Excellent...
Stereoplay 2013     Highlight
Engl. Pig 2015 ...      like a good woman
AFJ 2017     a truly master of art

High End 2015 Rolf Gemein receives the best of LP Award.

High End 2016 - This year comes the award from Italy, for the top power amplifier RG 7 MK 4.

Speaker: Belcanto MK 2

Magazine LP 01/2015: Fascinating Sound Stage ...
endless dynamic performance ... life audition at home ...

West Germany Hifi Days
LP 1/2017 wrote:
By father and daughter Gemein –Symphonic Line plays
music with extreme dynamic ...
top sound stage ... and authentic


Over the years we at Symphonic Line have been working together with a multitude of loudspeaker designers and manufacturer worldwide. Our amplifiers have been used as a tool for these designers to achieve their musical goals. Test reviewers and customers alike have incorporated Symphonic Line amplificationto achieve maximum levels of synergie with a wide variety of ultra high end loudspeakers, over and over again.  

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