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Hxos Sound and Hifi 3-2000

Test Kraftwerk. The ultimate amp - warmed - absolute detailed transparency....

Audio 7-2000
High end report:
Like every year - Symponic Line fans adored their sound mekka
10-2000: Readers choice... the RG 10 is in the range among the worlds best amps.

Audiophile 4-2000
That`s what test professionals like.
RG 10 astonishing dynamics, rich colors and detailed imaging
Super amp with musical soul

Audio 2-2001
Test Kraftquelle. In comparison with all competitors like Dom Perignon Champagner to old sparkling water.

Stereo 4-2001

RG 14 adulates the ears with virtuosity. New reference. Operating on the highest level.

Audio 7-2003
Test RG 10 MK 3 - so much sovereignty, outstanding sound
9-2003: Symphonic Line amps simply the best puristic, classical, powerful - velvety sound.
Still impressive craftmanship.

Audio Magazine Russia 1-2002
Test La Musica amp: you feel all energies on the highest level.
Added the movements and vibrato, to hear music changes to fascinating music reality.

Digital Vision Greece 5-2003
Test RG 14 Edition: if music really matters to you this is whatyou need.
Joy without regrets. Year for year and hour for hour.