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Stereoplay: 12/1986

Early review of the legendary RG 1 MK 1 ... even in problem areas, the RG 1 stands
firmly as an absolute reference

Das Ohr: Heft 29

Early RG 1 MK II, ...integrated undertones and overtones, ... nearly picture perfect.
Ceterum Censeo: an all - around recommendable unit.

„The absolute Sound”: USA Mai 1992

Test RG 6: The Symphonic Line belongs to the Museum of Modern Arts collection ... In
the short list of the best turntables of all times ... more than a bridge to Walhalla.

Stereoplay: 4/1987

Review early RG 4 MK 1: ... calmly presented even more holographic and monumental
reproduction of the soundstage

HiFi Vision: 12/1991

Test Pre- and Poweramplifier RG 2 and RG 1: impulses provide pure musical enjoyment.
Anyone who picks on this combination doesn´t deserve it, ... for high end gourmets who
stroll on Symphonic Line paths by night with a glass of wine.

HiFi Exclusiv: 4/1988

Test Pre- and Poweramplifier RG 1 u. RG 2. ...impressive dynamics and soundstaging

HiFi News: 4/1991

Show Report CES Las Vegas about Symphonic Line design ... the RG 6 is the most beautiful
turntable at the show and probably in the history of the universe.

Stereophile: USA 2/1992

Test Review RG 7: bordering on the sensational for solid state, was the manner in which
it presented the heart of the midrange... the RG 7 is a solid state killer. (Dick Olsher)

Stereo: 10/1992

Test Review RG 2 + 11: ... livelyness, fun to listento, rhythm, smoothness and timing is so good,
that there will be many other designers developing grey hair

Stereophile:  USA 2/1993 u. 2/1995

Test cartridge RG 8 Gold: ... not longer of this world - best sounding cartridge of this
galaxy ... choosen as product of the year 1993

HiFi Vision: 3/1993

Test integrated amplifier RG 9 ... perfect sensation ... The sound quality of this Symphonic
Line flashes across two price ranges ... voted as „supreme“

Stereo: 12/1994

Test integrated amplifier RG 9 MK 3, tested as excellent, 3 stars! Unbelievable good
sounding. Others will have to compare with it. Best integrated amplifier. Implement of
editorial staff.

Stereo: 12/1994

Test cartridge RG 8 Gold, ... like from another star. The analoge manifestation.

Stereophile: USA 11/1995

Test Kraft 400 Class A Poweramplifier: Phase coherence and energy distribution in
frequency range defines the scale of sound

Stereo: 3/1996

Test integrated amplifier RG 10 MK 3: Result: Top-Reference!

Stereo: 9/1996

Test „The CD-Player“: infatuating sound - captivates the listener. Simply 3 stars. Testresult:
excellent. Cunning trick of Symphonic Line.

High Fidelity: Nr. 3-12/1996

Test RG 1 MK 3 ... Voices have bodies, sounding warm and sensual. Bass with extraordi-nary
power, the stereosound is really holographic. Purchase recommendation: 6 stars!

Audio: 12/1997 and 1/1998

Test Tube Preamplifier: This „Enlightment“ is an outstanding appearance. Merciless good.
Result 100 points, 5 ears, reference class.

Audio: 2/1997

Test integrated amplifier RG 9 MK 3: after all because of its outstanding phono sec-tion
it is in its price range unbeaten. 5 ears, reference.

Image HiFi: 3/1997

Test „The CD-Player“: only shades differs it from the sound a good turntable reads out
of the grooves

Fedelta del: suono Italian 11/1997

Test„The CD-Player“: a wonderful machine and truely a pure bred horse, that is able to give
real satisfaction. Amazing presentation.

Sound Greece 2/1998

Test RG 7. The bass fidelity of reproduction is among the finest I have ever heard. Amazing
rhythm, music is quicker than acclimated, or are all the other amplifiers
too slow? Wonderful !

Stereo & video Russia 8/99 and 2/2000

Doubtless - Symphonic Line - High End system with their own brilliant, holographic,
3 dimensional sound presentation, that is hard to imitate.

Audio 2/2000

Test RG 9/RG 10 MK 3-2000. Music power from another world-110 points-that is
truly a sensation.

Audio 2/2003

Test RG 14 Edition. The classic one from Duisburg. Improved through the years to one of
the best among the payable amps. Open very clear and direct sound, very extreme
precision, but always with the necessary share of warmth and sense for musical
structures. A solid crafted amp for a lifetime.


CD Player, like a grand piano superior musical performance in whole dynamic range. It is handcrafted
and tuned with dedicated passion. A precious pearl among its competitors.
8-2003: La Musica, hot and fast but smooth. Superb micro dynamics. Like a good walve amp but
much more transparency. You feel like sitting in the opera. This amp sets new standards.


Test RG 10 MK 4. In the class of the very best, the RG 10 MK 4 is the cheapest offer. Therefore it was a
pleasure honour for the testers to make a bow. Congratulations to Duisburg.


RG 10 MK 4 Reference. This dream amplifier sounds like best champagne.

LP JUNE 2009

A visit to the jubilee of Symphonic Line: Music performed by vinyl in his music room from his turntable. RG 6 had astonishing breathtaking dynamics and attacks.


RG 14 Edition ... an audiophile combination of power and sound with superb coloratura,
precision, details and body, emotional intelligence. Amazing - five stars.


TEST RG 9 MK 4 Reference. First class phono stage - gorgeous integrated amp. Price value
ratio: excellent. Tuning as a violin builder. Workstation of the magazine.


Test RG 14 Edition: Extraordinary 1+, goes under the skin, into the heart or just into soul. REFERENCE.

Image Hifi July 2012

Test RG 7 MK 4: A master of deep bass, handcrafted of highest level, wonderful timbre and colors


Test RG 10 Reference HD: Tones like diamonds, a sound paradise, uniqe body of sound ...

Stereo APRIL 2014

Test RG 9 HD: Threedimensional sound ... midrange and high frequencies are magic

LP January 2015

Test Phonostage: Firework from rhythm and dynamic ... great!

Audio January 2016

Test RG 10 HD Master Masterpiece ... Nobody is better ... Magnum opus

HIGH END 2005 ARS 3/2005

here is what you find, real music

North German Stereo 4/2008

Rolf Gemein proofed that his

Hifi Days 2008

components are peak level devices.

Hifi Days 2010 ARS 3/2010

once more ... best sound in town.

Hifi Days 2011 ARS 1/2011

faszinating dynamic ... orginal live music

Hifi Days 2012

Hifi und Records ...amazing demonstration

Hifi Days 2015/16

West Germany. LP complete line of big music adventure