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"the turntable" RG 6 

Bearing made of widia/titan, bearing diameter: 16 mm. The separate modules of the RG 6-network include: motor,  bearing with 68 lbs audiobasis, stroboscope, mat, power line conditioner, marble plate, table basis. Plate 24 kg. massive alluminium. 

Any RAL colour laquer, "aranya", all knobs 24-carat gold finishes.

With this ultra precision piece you'll discover the sonic beauty and  colourful variety of analogue recordings with complete relaxation. A masterpiece, built for eternity. Simply the best and most beatiful  turntable available. Include separate Class A power supply with 300 VA transformer.


"the turntable" Reference

New: with ultra-precice new bearing and other specials, with additional passive drive unit to avoid torque moment. This causes a perfect horizontal guided drive which is absolute the best.