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You are prepared for future systems, whatever will come. With two Symphonic Line multi channel amplifiers you have 5 or 6 or 7
or 8 channels.
Picture Vision 1

High end quality for all multi channel friends

High end quality for all multi channel friends. Various configurations are available.

Power amplifier, Vision one: 3 or 4 channels. 120 Watts per channel at 8 ohms with 2 toroidal power transformer each 350 VA in a separate box. Power amplifier,

Power amplifier Vision two: 2 channels, each 120 Watts at 8 ohms with internal 350 VA toroidal transformer.
Frequency range 3-300.000 Hz. Slew rate by 1.2 ╬╝sec. Damping factor better 300. Standard color black or frontside silver. Dimensions: 450 x 100 x 380mm. Front plate 10mm massive. Backside: the best WBT Inputs and the big WBT loudspeaker outputs are gold plated. Surface option chrome.

New: option + full symmetric XLR inputs.

New Tuntable RG 6 Reference
at High End Show 2014


West German Hifi days 2014
ARS Magazine: ... three
dimensional music ... like live

Test RG 10 HD Master, March 2015
... World Class